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Your Weekly Workout with Sarah and Rachel- Week 7

Collegiettes - Here's a harder workout for your arms! Get ready for next month - working on our legs! We want our whole bodies to be ready for April, when we will work out the entire body all at once! Good luck and stay stretched out!
Day 1
Warm Up/Stretch
Run/Walk/Jog 30-45 minutes
Cool down/stretch

Day 2
Warm up/stretch
Pre-work out planks 3 sets of 35 second (or longer) planks
1 arm DB row 2x10 each arm
3x Supermans - 20 seconds each
Assisted Pull Up machine 3x10
Lateral and  shoulder raises 3x8
In squat position perform front shoulder raises 3x25sec
Abs:        30 regular crunches
                3 sets of:  20 climb the rope, followed immediately by 20 bicycles
                2 sets of 20 side crunches (both sides)
                20 toe touches
                20 baby makers

                30 regular crunches
Stretch/cool down
Day 3
Warm up/stretch
Cardio circuit: do each station for 2 minutes
                      -jump rope
                      -prisoner squat or lunges
                      -jumping jacks
                      -push ups
Rest 2 minutes and repeat one more time
Cool down/stretch

Day 4
Warm up/ stretch
Circuit repeat 3x for 30 sec each
                        Push Ups
                                Squats (20)
                                Hip Bridge
                                Plank up-downs
                             Lunges - 8 each leg

            30 regular crunches
                   30 Pick pockets
                30 toe touches
                   30 baby makers
                   Run two laps around track and repeat
Cool down/stretch

Day 5 
Stretch/warm up
Cardio of your choice; interval training on bike 1 minute hard 3 minutes lower resistance                OR
Run hills (if it's nice outside)
Run/Walk with incline on a treadmill
Cool down/stretch

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