Women's History Month-Binging Edition

As we move through the month dedicated to the women of the world, and everyone is always running out of things to watch, a master list of movies and a few TV shows all about women seemed fitting. The movies and shows all star female actresses that are not only incredibly talented, but also lead lifestyles that should be admired. In addition to the movies and TV starring powerful women, many are directed by women, and are all about women and the many different roles that they can assume. So, without further ado:

The Movies-                                                             The TV Shows-

  1. The Color Purple                                                    1.  Little Fires Everywhere

  2. Erin Brokovitch                                                      2.  Quantico  

  3. The Devil Wears Prada                                          3.  VEEP

  4. Eat Pray Love                                                         4.  The Morning Show

  5. Bridges of Madison County                                  5.  Good Girls

  6. Little Women                                                          6.  Firefly Lane

  7. Steel Magnolias                                                     7.  Dear White People

  8. The Help                                                                 8. Scandal

  9. Moxie                                                                      9.  The Crown

  10. Fried Green Tomatoes                                          10. The Great