Winter Fashion in Spain

I've been in Spain for three weeks now, wow typing that even freaks me out. A huge difference I've noticed was style. It's technically Winter here, but the weather is kind of like our fall. The highs are in the 50's and lows are 40°F to 35°F. So, it's not bad especially going to school in Iowa, this is a breeze for winter. Here are some fashion looks I've noticed over the past three weeks. 

1. Dark Colors 

They love wearing darks over here, like all the time. I personally haven't gotten the all black thing down yet. I kind of feel like a ninja when I do it. But, they rock it. Shown in the photo above, there is a blanket scarf added, which, adds a pop of muted color. 

2. Blanket Scarves 

Blanket scarves are a huge part of Spanish fashion this winter season. I see them everywhere and they are usually the pop of color as a stated before. Although, it brings a pop of color, it's still considered dark or muted. 

3. Faux Suede Jackets 

These faux suede and faux fur jackets are on and poppin' this season. They're everywhere and I find it adorable to wear. It goes with just about everything. I got one during rebajas, meaning "huge sales" in Spanish, for 20 Euro ($25) from Zara. I love this jacket and I always feel so Spanish when I wear it. 

4. Palazzo Pants (Straight/Wide Leg Pants) 

These trousers really pull an outfit together, making it look very clean cut and professional. These pants are a huge fashion trend at many retail stores around here, such as, H&M, Zara and Mango. 

5. Denim Jackets with Fur 

Denim with fur is very popular. It's a great way to look fashionable and stay warm. This is a huge trend for men and women (I saw a couple matching with denim fur jackets... talk about goals). This is also a good way to lighten up a dark outfit. 



These are just a few of the trends I've caught onto so far! Go out to the store and try to snag some of these trends to look more European. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post abroad! 


dark colors | blanket scarves | faux suede | wide leg pants | denim