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1. The Club Scenes

As we get further and further into the pandemic, parties seem like a distant memory. Watching a few episodes will make you feel like you feel like you’re at the club even when you can’t be.


2. It’s Relatable

 Whether it’s the Situation stress eating his feelings in bed or Deena crying in the club, there’s always something that one of us has done.



Three words: fights, pranks, shade. There’s always something juicy going on at the Shore.


4. Bromances

Everyone loves a good bromance, and Jersey Shore has a ton of them. You will fall in love with Mike, Vinny, and Pauly, they’re the MVPs when it comes to friendship.


5. It’s Binge-Worthy

The show’s 6 seasons make it a quick watch. Once you start, you won’t want to stop.


6. You can learn all the lingo and funniest catchphrases

Any sucker for funny acronyms HAS to watch Jersey Shore. The catchphrases and one liners are perfect for everyday use.


 7. It’s Just too Good

Jersey Shore premiered over a decade ago and has since solidified itself as one of the most popular reality-tv shows. It’s a good watch that reminds us that life’s a beach, so why not meet it at the shore.


I am a sophomore majoring in political science, with minors in pre-law and Spanish.
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