Why Chance The Rapper is SO GREAT

He is anti-label 

Although he is not signed, he still manages to sell out arenas, win three Grammy awards, perform on SNL, and work with some of the best artists out there. 

He's proud of his hometown

Chance is from Chicago and is SO PROUD, "I'm in love with my city...I sleep in my hat" - "Finish line/Drown" 

He loves Beyonce just as much as the rest of us 

He even calls her Auntie Yonce! 

He's BFF's with Kanye 

"Kanye's best prodigy he ain't sign me, but he proud of me" - "Blessings" 

His songs are the best for anytime 

You can listen to his songs to study, to have a party, or just to relax.  

If you haven't listened to any songs by Chance the Rapper, definitely give him a CHANCE!