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Why Bullet Journals are the BEST

We will make this school year worth something! Bullet journals are completely up to you to control! Stop wasting your time searching for the "perfect" planner. We already found it for you!


1.) They're CHEAP!

[bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-6r2obf"]

All you seriously *need* is a plain journal! We opt for the dotted journals, for organization and perfection, but there are also lined and blank ones! Hobby Lobby is a go-to for finding different designs!


2.) Colors? No color? YOU CHOOSE your aesthetic!

[bf_image id="q8pbai-fs21e0-62cl9c"]

Pinterest has so many bujo ideas with so many different aesthetics. We can never pick just one theme, so we switch the theme per month!


3.) Make ahead or as you go!

[bf_image id="q99y88-1y65cw-2p3yog"]

Hey! You can make your journal 2 weeks in advance, the day-of, or even the whole year! You pace yourself as needed.


4.) Habit trackers have never been easier!

[bf_image id="q5i689-71kg88-6g2ahx"]

Do you need to watch your expenses? Fitness? Water? Mood??? There are different ways to track your habits! Our favorite is outlining bubbles and coloring them in based on our mood!


What would your perfect bullet journal look like? Let us know on Instagram @hcstambrose !

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