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Chappell is set to open for Olivia Rodrigo in many of her Midwest tour dates. This aligns perfectly with Chappell Roan’s home state of Missouri, and her latest album is appropriately titled Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. Though not yet as prominent as Olivia Rodrigo, Chappell Roan possesses all the qualities of a rising star.

Chappell describes her style as “campy,” heavily influenced by drag queens. When not opening for Olivia Rodrigo, it’s not uncommon to find drag queens opening for Chappell on her tour. Her distinctly queer pop/rock sound and clever lyrics are quickly building a dedicated fanbase. The recent tour for the album was so popular that she announced a slew of additional dates to accommodate her growing fan following.

While I may have missed out on scoring tickets for Olivia Rodrigo, there’s no way I’m passing up the chance to see Chappell Roan perform before her tours start selling out too. (And I’d recommend you don’t either.)

Check out Chappell’s album, Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, on your favorite music platform.

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