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When in Doubt, Bust the Scarf Out


You bring them out when the leaves start to change, they are always in the background of your Starbucks selfies, they are the perfect cover when you burn yourself with a curling iron—cough, not, cough— and they are the saving grace for the bizzard of 2015. Scarves. 

What started as a way to stay warm, is now a fashion trend that you just can’t shake. From long and knitted to infinity and crocheted, these bad boys can keep you warm and make it look like you put in some effort before your 9 a.m. class. This week’s snapshot is a few ways us Bees like to rock the scarf. If that’s not enough for you, you can find 19 amazing ways to twist, tie and style your scarf in the link below! 


If that is STILL not enough scarf action for your liking, you can take up a new hobby while you hibernate and learn to crochet your very own scarf. This will give you the braging rights of being crafty and some solid ideas for your next friend’s birthday or what to get your mom for Mother’s Day (May 10th, you’re welcome). In case the idea of this sounds absolutely nuts, you can find the How To Crochet For Dummies link below. 


When in doubt, bust the scarf out.






Photo credit: Ambrose bees

Tutorial credit: Buzzfeed, Dummies.com

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