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Dating a man in a uniform is difficult. When it comes to dating military men, the long-distance relationship aspect might be the first thing to come to your mind. Him being away for months and even year at a time can be so hard. Being separated for months away from the person you love and want to be with sucks. The "goodbye"s that you need to tell time and again are heartbreaking, and no, It never does get easier. 

However, as crappy as the "goodbyes" are, the "hello"s are so much sweeter. Just remember all of the "hello"s, and that tight hug or sweet kiss that comes with meeting the one who is yours after a long time. Think of the times you get to ride on an emotional roller coaster and the surprises that you get time and again.

Dating a man in the unifrom is truly a gift and heres why I think millitary boyfriends are perfect. 

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1. He means it when he says "I love you"

For me, When I am able to talk to my guy, he makes it clear to me how much he loves me and cares. He has sent me flowers to work, even when he was stationed in Romania. He will stay up crazy hours just to say hi (time changes suck!). Millitary men truly do know how to love deep and want to show you that they care for you. It may just be a note or card in the mail, but the will make you feel loved beyond belief. 

2. He talks about you to his friends

He and his buddies will be spending lots of time together, so you can be sure if you are important to him, they know all about you and your relationship. They will mess with you and tease you just like you are one big family. Often times on FaceTime you will learn super embarrassing stories about your significant other that just make it all the better. Plus, even when your guy gets out, you all can go visit his friends and make a vacation out of it!

3. He looks good 

They have to look presentable for work, so you can be sure short hair, clean face, and nails that are cut and cleaned will be a thing. Millitary men have to meet standards for work and personally, it is just my type to see a man all nice and cleaned up. They definitely know how to dress in the uniform... as well as out of it. 

4. They are protective

Men in the military know their responsibillities and understand how to react quickly.  They care greatly about what is theirs and will fight for it to remain safe. There’s nothing sexier than having someone who loves you and has your back all the time. If someone’s bugging you, he knows how to kick some ass — and why shouldn’t he? It's amazing to feel so safe and secure within minutes being around him.  Military boyfriends put their life on the line to protect people they’ve never known. This means they would do even more for those they love. If it’s a zombie apocalypse, he’ll be there to defend with hand-to-hand combat if necessary. 

5. They are team players/ always willing to help out

Millitary boyfriends know what's up when it comes to cooking and cleaning. They share roles and always make sure that things are done in order to give you both the peace of mind that the house is clean. Millitary men again have standards of cleaning which makes it quite nice for when he is home. Along with that, they stand by the country and they never let go of their buddies or family. They always stick around to solve problems. They’re really good at making conversations too. This comes in handy because not many guys are good at effective communication, but millitary men have to be. 



Sophomore at SAU with a passion for helping others. I am currently in pursuit of my RN, which will eventually open opportunities to reach out and better serve others. Besides writing, I enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and reading. I am also an ER tech! You can find me on instagram @amie1229!
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