Ways You Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Every single year, from September 15 to October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time we recognize the contributions and the important presence of Hispanic and Latin Americans in the U.S. So, I have put together a list of ways anyone can celebrate this month.

  1. 1. Read

    woman reading a book on a couch in a library

    There are so many books that are by Latinx and Hispanic authors. I am here to share a few of my favorites or new ones I have been dying to read.

    - Mexican Gothic

    - A Cup of Water Under My Bed

    - The Poet X

    - When I Was Puerto Rican

    - It Is Wood, It Is Stone

    - I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

    - The Book Of Unknown Americans

    - Sabrina & Corina

    - The House On Mango Street

  2. 2. Support a Local Restaurant

    There are plenty of Latino owned restuarants right here in the QC! Go ahead and support your fave or try out a new one. I am listing a few below, but I know there are still many more out there.

    - QC Pancake House

    - Coya's Cafe

    - Anotojitos Mexicanos

    - Los Charros

    - Los Primos

    - La Monarca

    - Lolita's

    - El Mexicano

    - La Primavera

    - La Michoacana

    - La Rancherita

  3. 3. Listen to Music

    A good way to celebrate is to discover some new music by Latin American music. A few of my favorite artists are, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Ozuna, Karol G, Becky G, Natti Natasha and many more. If you use Spotify some great playlists to listen to are, Viva Latino, Latin Hit Mix, Future Hits: Latin, and Fuego.

  4. 4. Watch

    There are plenty of great movies and documentaries out there that can be watched. A must-watch movie has to be The Selena Movie. I recently watched Frida on Netlifx and I highly recommend that movie also. Then some documentaries to watch are, The Latino List: Volume 1, The Latino List: Volume 2, Beauties of the Night, Narco Cultura, 

  5. 5. Support Latino owned Businesses

    We talked about supporting Latino owned resturants, but let's also support Latino owned businesses, like a Latinx Artist. if you have trouble finding one locally, there are plenty of Latinx artists on Etsy to look for. When there are events again go to them. In the summer there is an event, El Mercadito in Moline which has lots of great local businesses come there and even local djs or bands that play some very lively music, sadly this year it was cancelled due to COVID but hopefully next year it comes back around.