Watch Shrill on Hulu

Watch Shrill on Hulu!

Looking for a binge worthy show? Hulu’s new original show that premiered on March 15, 2019 Shrill is a must watch about a woman who is dealing with work, a downhill love life, a sick parent, and more.

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Shrill stars SNL’s Aidy Bryant in the lead role of Annie. Shrill has one season and six episodes in the series. It is described as, “the story of a fat young woman who wants to change her life — but not her body."

Bryant plays a freelance journalist in Portland who is struggling getting any recognition from her boss, who is played by John Cameron Mitchell . She is trying to get her articles published and her boss consistently gives her push back. He even attacks Annie about her weight and tries to make her exercise. Annie struggles to deal with him. 

Her boyfriend, who is played by Luka Jones, isn’t the best boyfriend. When they first get together, he makes Annie leave out the back-door of his house so none of his roommates see her.  He consistantly disappoints her.

Annie struggles throughout the season with self-confidence and loving herself. After having several successful articles, Annie eventually has to deal with having a troll.

Shrill is rated mature so be prepared for some more mature content. The show deals with women's health issues, body positivity, and body image.


Shrill is out on Hulu now.



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