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Try This New Company Called Brandless!

When I heard about this new company called Brandless, I knew I had to try it and write about it! Everything on here is $3! And that “everything” includes food, health products, kitchen equipment, and more! Your first purchase gets $1 shipping!


First off, the food is a 10/10. The cookies taste just like homemade ones except they’re crispier and thinner. The popcorns, applesauce, and oatmeal are average. But the mission of the company Brandless is to be simple and cheap. I think they have definitely achieved this.

When it came to the shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion, there were some issues. As someone already prone to dandruff, the shampoo only made things worse. These products are supposed to moisturize your hair, and my hair was soft afterwards, but it was not worth the dandruff mess.

The body lotion is actually amazing. It’s only $3 and smells like an essential oil store. It is lightweight and you get a lot of product! 

I would recommend buying the food and trying out the lotion. Just browsing the online store will give you many opportunities to try some new things! My package arrived within 1 week in great condition. Go to the Brandless website and check it out!

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