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Top 7 Things To Do At Least Once in College

This list may surprise you because you don’t always hear people telling you to go out and have fun. I am definitely not encouraging behavior that can get you into trouble. That means wait until you are of age and you don’t break your school’s rules. 

1. Dyeing your hair a fun Color

When you start to work out in the real world you probably won't be able to have bright and fun colors. I personally have dyed my tips the following colors red, blue & pink at different times. 

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2. Sledding Down a Hill on Campus

When it starts to snow on campus take a night to go out with a few friends. I did it during finals week my freshman year to take a break from studying. I agree it may not have been the best timing but it did relieve all the stress I was feeling and it gave my brain a break to refresh itself. 

3. Attend a School Dance/Sporting Event

Take time to go to a dance, football game, basketball game, or volleyball game. These events can be in a school but they are nice to go to and have a break from school work and spend time with friends. 

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4. Midnight Breakfast

Our school has something called midnight breakfast that happens during finals week. It is nice to be able to take a break from studying to eat with friends. This happens one night during finals week where the teachers and staff of the school serve the students. 

5. Roommate Roulette

This is where you set your roommates up on a blind date and you let them set you up. For a date you can go out for a fun activity like a walk in the park, coffee date or grilling. 

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6. House/Bar Crawl

Make sure you are of legal drinking age. Also don’t do anything stupid if and while you are drinking. Have a designated driver if going far from campus or where you are staying. 

7. Go on a Spring Break Trip

Take a small trip to somewhere with some of your friends. Doesn’t need to be out of the country or halfway across it. You can travel to a nearby state or even stay in the same state.

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Hi, I am an Early Childhood Education Major with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. I play several instruments and sing. I was born in Florida. I also coach a softball team in my Hometown in Illinois. I am my chapter Campus Correspondent!
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