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Top 10 Group Costumes

Dressing up by yourself can become repetitive, and quite boring. This year try dressing up in a group! Group costumes can be a lot of fun, with good organization and a great group of friends! Here are some fun group costumes to try out! 

1) The Teenage Ninja Turtles

My friends and I actually did this our sophomore year of high school and it was such a fun experience! All you need to do is dress up in green, and use different color bandanas to show which TMNT you are! 

2) The Incredibles

Tried of waiting so long for the second movie? Try dressing up as them this year! All you need is red, black, the incredibles logo and a group of four friends. 

3) Mario and Friends

Take Super Mario Kart to life with your friends. There are so many ways to do this, you can be easy and just dress up as one of the characters and make a fake wheel. You can go all out, and make a fake car with your friends.

4)Scooby doo

Jinkies! Dress up as these meddling kids and solve mysteries. These costumes don’t need a lot of planning, all you need is a group of five, or a group of four and your pet! 

5) Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers!! Grab a group of five, dress it different colors, and you’re ready to go. 

6) Powerpuff Girls 

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles take on Mojo Jojo. This costume is fun and easy! You’ll be destined for compliments on Halloween. 

7) Alice in Wonderland 

Start deciding on how you want to be. The Mad Hatter? Alice? Queen of Hearts? There are so many characters this group can be as big or small as you want it! 

8) The Addams Family 

The best family out there. These costumes are in the spirit of Halloween, and no one is more relatable than Wednesday. 

9) Disney Princesses

Live out your childhood dreams and pick your favorite princess! This can be a huge group, or just a group of three. These costumes can be as simple as a dress or you can go all out!

10)  Wizard of Oz

A classic movie brings out some classic characters to choose from. From the Tin Man to Dorothy, with a group of four this costume will make people’s jaw drop! 

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