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Thoughts From the Most Loyal Fans in Baseball


It’s been over a century since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series. Let’s just take a moment to understand what all was going on in 1908 besides the Chicago Cubs’ giant win:

  1. The first Model T car was introduced by Henry Ford
  2. Construction of the Titanic was just beginning
  3. Japanese immigration to the U.S. was forbidden
  4. Women competed in the Olympics for the first time
  5. Sugar was 4 cents a pound, eggs were 14 cents a dozen, and coffee was 15 cents a pound
  6. The average wage was 22 cents per hour
  7. The U.S. flag only had 45 stars
  8. Neither the civil rights movement or women’s suffrage had happened

Yes, yes, laugh all you want. But think about it… 108 years ago the world was a completely different place. Most of our grandparents weren’t even alive to witness this win. And who knew that this win would be now immortalized in a veil of infamy – the last time the Cubs have been “successful.”

The one thing that hasn’t changed in these 108 years is the loyalty and dedication of Cub fans. Great grandparents passed the love down to their children, who passed it down to their children, and the dedication continued and still continues. Losing season after losing season, Steve Bartman, and the Curse of the Goat…Wrigley Field would still fill up for home games and Cubs apparel could be seen walking the streets of Chicago and around most of the country.

Eventually, things started picking up. Winning seasons here and there. Hopes were raised to be undeniably crushed. A hundred years went by, then 105, and then 107 came around. The 2015 Chicago Cubs – different than any team to inhabit the friendly confines. They had heart, soul, youth and dedication like no other. And their run into the post season brought spirit to every Cubbie soul, but ended in a crushind defeat. Yet, 108 years is here and that hope has gone nowhere. We are back in the playoffs with a team like no other. Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javy Baez…the list of young talent could go on and on.

So why can’t we have hope? Why can’t people let us have hope? There are fans of other (already eliminated) teams actively cheering against us, hoping for the worst. Why? I get that some of our fans are bandwagoning, some are arrogant, and some are just plain annoying. But don’t think about the cocky, outlier Cubs fans that may taint your social media. Instead, think of the dads, grandpas, grandmas, etc. who have been waiting literally their entire life for this to happen. Some may be pushing their last chance to see this. Let them – let us – rejoice in this chance.

I want this for my Dad. I want this for my Grandpa and Grandma. I want this for my 6-year-old nephew. And then I want this for myself. It isn’t just about winning and bragging rights. This is about family. Cubs fans are a family. We have stuck together for years, and we are finally being rewarded. I’m not saying Cubs are going to win this World Series, or the next or maybe not one for ANOTHER 100 years. But right now is the best we’ve felt in a long time. We are confident and we are ready. So, just let us revel in this for as long as our team allows for. And instead of getting angry, think of how long this has been coming and imagine the joy a World Series win for the Chicago Cubs could bring. You could see history made for yourself. So help a Cubs fan out and send good vibes, prayers, or whatever you will, but remember 108 years is a long time and even though this may not be our year….we aren’t going anywhere. 



Image Credit: Wrigley Field

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