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Text and Keep Warm in Style!

As campus continues to behave like it belongs in the artic tundra, certain accessories have become necessities: scarves, hats, and gloves. Guarding your freezing fingers from the frigid air has its price for smart phone users, though. Gloves prevent the screen from sensing touch. No more sending a quick text on your phone on the way to class. No more last minute Candy Crush moves. No more wind-blown, runny-nosed snapchats.


Sure, you could cut the tips off of your gloves, but is that snowy selfie worth having frostbitten fingertips? Probably not. Don’t worry, though, many stores have found a solution: gloves made especially for touch-screen phones. The fabric in the fingertips of these gloves is specifically formulated to make contact with a touch screen. You can pick up a pair of these gloves at most stores, including Target ($2.00; below) and Wal-Mart, for an extremely affordable price.





Keep those digits warm! (Get it? Digits like fingers, and digits like a phone. Cheesy, I know.) 

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