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Ten Authors I’m Reading for National Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and the history of poetry. Our world is filled with amazing poets. Here is a list of ten poets I am reading work from this National Poetry Month! 

Maya Angelou (https://www.mayaangelou.com/)

Joy Harjo (https://www.joyharjo.com/)

Danez Smith (http://www.danezsmithpoet.com/bio-encore)

Sylvia Plath (https://www.sylviaplathsociety.org/)

Sabrina Benaim (https://www.sabrinabenaim.net/)

Langston Huges (http://www.langstonhughessociety.org/)

Fredrico Garcia Lorca (https://www.universolorca.com/en/)

Billy Collins (https://billycollinspoetry.com/)

Adrienne Rich (https://adriennerich.net/)

June Jordan (http://www.junejordan.net/)

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