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  1. The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong by Amy Morin
    1. 15:01 minutes
    2. Reminds us that bad habits cost us more than the 5 seconds of your time that it takes 
    3. Mental strength is created when you accept that sometimes life cannot be fair, but that does not mean that life is not worth living
  1. How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins
    1. 21:40 minutes 
    2. Teaches you to understand that the feeling of being stuck actually points you towards the need for exploration
    3. The level of uncomfortability will lead you to successful change — you will never want to change, stop waiting for a perfect time 
  1. Try Something New for 30 Days by Matt Cutts
    1. 3:27 minutes
    2. Allowing new things to be awful on that first time around and reminds you that doing new things does not have to mean that they are great 
    3. Small changes are sustainable 
    4. Pushing yourself out of the routine you have created to enjoy the unknown in life 
  1. How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed by Daniel Levitin
    1. 12:20 minutes 
    2. Learning to live in the moment and resisting the urge to stress about the things ahead of you 
  1. Why We Must Do New Things to Live a Happier Life by Lu Ann Cahn
    1. 12:59 minutes 
    2. The difference in living every day to just be alive and having a life that makes you happy 
    3. Things will continue to change and you will not always want to. Learning to be accepting and embraceful of these events is what will change your life
Mckennah is the twitter manager and is a writer at HC @ SAU. Beyond HC, Mckennah is involved in Dance Marathon and Student Nurses Association! She also works in a hospital as a PCT. Mckennah is majoring in Nursing with a minor in Biology. In her free time, Mckennah likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with her dog and friends! A fun fact about Mckennah is that she has 3 younger brothers aged 3 - 19!