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Remember when personal blogs were the THING? Some people probably still do have blogs, or desire to start something like a blog, such as a personal Instagram or Twitter account in which you market yourself or something else! If you do, or you just want some extra tips for writing stories or essays, then this is the story for you! I know that I am not the “queen of penmanship,” but I have written enough and designed enough to think it’s safe to say that I know how to entertain when it comes to my writing! That being said, here’s some of my tips for starting your own blog or social media page!

Write or post about something that intrigues you

As many English teachers say, you should write about something that you are passionate about; it’s always easier. It can be political and controversial. It can be about an issue that may not be so widely known but is important to you. It can even just be about something that makes you happy! If you write about something that is important to you, that means you’ll put more effort into it. Your work will then be more likely to be better done and more enjoyable to read or look at!

Find a way to incorporate your own style

Part of your blog or social media page is showing off who you are and what you’re like. What are some things you are interested in? How can you incorporate that into your blog? You can write about things and put in your own input on things to show people who you are and what you’re like. I did this for my own blog, The Bumble by Brooke (shout out to my COMM 240 class for requiring that I make a blog). Since my first name starts with a “B,” I used alliteration to have a fun sound to the title (it was also fitting that I attend a school whose mascot is the Fighting Bees). I also liked the color yellow, so I used that as a primary color for my home page. I also love to use script fonts – when appropriate, of course- so I used primarily script fonts and sans-serif fonts. Express yourself through not only your writing, but also through the design of your blog!

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Use humor

If you are a fun person who likes to make people laugh, you can always find a way to push humor into your posts. People like funny things. Why do you think comedy movies are so popular? If you are able to, do your best to find a way to fit your quirky character into your writing. It’ll be sure to draw your readers in and generate views for your page!

Never be afraid to have some fun!

Last, but most certainly not least, do try to have fun, dears. Whether it be the topic you write about or how you go about writing, find ways to make your writing fun and interesting. Just because you might have a boring topic (not that any of mine assigned were boring) doesn’t mean that your article needs to be. You can even twist your topic around to be something related but not entirely based on the topic. And, of course, don’t forget to be funny, intriguing, and original.


I hope that my thoughts on how to create great content are at least somewhat helpful to someone out there. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through the design of your blog and the wonderful pieces of writing you produce!

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