Summer Music Playlist

1. OTW by Khalid 

Where ever you are heading, you are on the way. Khalid's voice is everything. Any song from Khalid is a must-have for any playlist. Add this song to your summer one! 


2. 92 Explorer by Post Malone 

It's not a lie when everyone went crazy with the release of Post Malone's new album. It's lit. "92 Explorer" is definitely a song the whole party is pleased with. 


3. Body by Loud Luxary, Brando

It's a feel good song. Festival ready or car ride jams. This would also be a great song to play at pool parties. 


4. Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg, Nicki Minaj 

This is more of house party song vibe, but it's a good song to blast during the summer time too. 


5. Hey Ya by Sweater Beats, KAMAU 

You should know the original, Hey Ya! by OutKast. This cover by Sweater Beats and KAMAU is the perfect summer song. It's such a chill song to listen to. Plus everyone can sing to it. 


6. Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit 

No words just great tunes. This song is a fun one to play at a picnic or any outdoor activity.