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Summer to Autumn Outfits

Now that October is only a few weeks away, everyone is ready for fall, but the weather is saying otherwise. Here are some ways you can incorporate some fall looks into your summer fashion! 



Autumn colors are incorporated here, but the shorts give the impression that it’s still summer. The wedged boots give the outfit an autumn vibe, and they help pull the outfit together!


The muted colors give a cool tone to suggest cooler weather, but the tank and strappy heels are summer staples.

For a dressier autumn to summer

look, this one gets an A+ in my book.



Would you wear this in the summer or the autumn? Can’t tell? Great! That means this is perfect for that transition. It’s long sleeved for autumn, but it’s off the shoulder for summer.

Clothes are great, but whether it’s late August or the middle of October, we all know it’s never too early or late for chai tea! Tip: don’t spend all your BuzzBucks at once.



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