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It’s the year 2006, your walls are plastered with the faces of Nick, Joe, and Kevin, and you’re taking a quiz in Tiger Beat Magazine to find out which one is your soulmate (hoping you don’t get Kevin). Then “Year 3000” comes on your ipod nano and of course you know every word. Wait, what year is it? Am I having deja vu? Nope, the Jonas Brothers did it again coming back together 6 years later giving every twenty-something girl boyband fever. They dropped their new single “Sucker” just a week ago and it’s been on repeat since then. The music video is a must watch! Can you say glow up?! The video features not only them but their wives as well, (lucky them)! This reunion definitely brought back everyones undying crush on either Nick or Joe (be honest no one ever had a crush on Kevin) and is leaving us all wanting more. We’re all a Sucker for the Jonas Brothers. 

Watch the music video HERE







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