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Student ID Perks

Sure, your student I.D. can get you into buildings and pay for your meals, but there’s no way that that is all it’s good for right? RIGHT! Our I.D. cards can save us money all over in the Quad-Cities Area, so check it out!

Yummy food, because every college student needs to eat.

1. Arby’s – Next time you’re craving a Beef ‘n’ Chedder Melt know that with your 10% discount you can fulfill your craving.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings – Certain locations give you up to 10% off so go ahead, get those extra wings. 

3. Burger King – You can get a whopping 10% off your entire purchase. Get it? Whopping? Whopper sandwich from Burger King?

4. Chick-fil-a – Yeah, we all know you’re a regular there, so use your I.D. to get a free fountain drink next time.

5. Chipotle – Yupp, here’s another one where we are all regulars and have the ability to get another free fountain drink!

6. Domino’s – If you call in, instead of ordering online, and tell them you want the SAU Special for a large one-topping pizza, it only costs $7.99! I take advantage of this one at least once a week.

8. McDonald’s – Enjoy that BigMac and fries knowing that you saved 10% at the golden arches. 

9. Subway – East Fresh and enjoy 10% off your sandwich while you’re at it.

10. Whitey’s Ice Cream – Dig into your waffle cone with no regrets, because you just got 10% off. 

Retail, because who wouldn’t want a new outfit at a discounted price?!

1. Charlotte Russe – Flaunt your stuff as you walk out of the store knowing you just got 10% off your entire purchase. 

2. H&M – Save 10% off your entire purchase. Get ready to do some serious shopping.

3. Goodwill – Yes, even our local Goodwill gives students a 10% discount. 

4. The Limited – This 15% discount is perfect for anyone looking for proper business attire.

5. Banana Republic – You’re sure to go bananas with this 15% discount. 


Rave Motion Pictures – Turn that $10 movie into an $8 one!

Get to shopping, but don’t forget your I.D.!



Hi my name is Vic(Tori)a. I enjoy eating endless amouts of potato chips and regretting it afterwards, shopping even when I can't afford it, and checking things off my to-do list.
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