Stocking Stuffers


Shop at Target, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, etc for some cute Christmas pj’s perfect for cuddling under a blanket during Christmas break.

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Makeup Brushes 

Realizing your brushes look a little under the weather, ask for an upgrade. Check out Ulta, Amazon or Target for a cheap, but still cute option.Image result for makeup brushes



Winter Hats 

No girl can have too many winter hats. Ask for a new one to spruce up your winter wear.Related image



Get some new slippers before you head back to the dorms for the spring semester. They are great for running down the hall to your friend’s room or for just lounging around studying.Image result for ugg slippers



Key Decorations 

Ask for a personalized initial or a poof. These small, inexpensive items are a great bonus for your stocking.Monogram Keychains | Marleylilly-- love the gold and white!



Nail Polish 

When the weather changes, so does the color pallette. Ask for some new polishes to look festive this holiday season.Image result for essie nail polish





Christmas break is finally the time to unwind after stressing the past few months. Ask for a new game to play with friends and family when you have to stay in for the night.Image result for adult board games cards



Lush Products 

Lush is a luxury and a great item to request for Christmas. There are plenty of options for any kind of beauty upgrade you need after the long fall semester.Image result for lush




Sherpas are a girl’s best friend. Check out Old Navy, PINK, or even Walmart for some cute sherpas to add some warmth, comfort and style to your holiday look book.Image result for sherpa sweaters



Water Bottle 

To help jump start your New Year’s health resolution, ask for a new water bottle that is so stylish you will be excited to stay hydrated.Image result for water bottle hydro flask



Hair Ties 

Scrunchies, elastics, etc. You can never have enough. Telephone Cord Hair Tie Set




Ask for a new throw blanket to keep you warm while sipping hot chocolate and sitting by the Christmas tree.Image result for sherpa throw blankets




Everyone loves candles. It’s time to get new winter scents like warm vanilla cookie, Christmas snow, or bubbling hot cocoa.Related image



Lip Balm 

Winter = dry lips. Invest in a new lip balm to keep your lips looking glam and hydrated. Image result for carmex daily care



Fuzzy Socks 

Fuzzy socks are a girl’s best friend. Check out Target, Old Navy, or VS for some new Christmas footwear.Image result for fuzzy socks



Instead of just binge-watching Netflix during your entire winter break, ask for a book. There are tons of great new books. This will remind you of the good ole times when you liked to read for fun.


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