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Stinger Style: Four On Point Outfits for Finals

 It’s that time of year again Bees, finals week is here. Instead of rolling out of bed, putting on a big sweatshirt, and sweat pants after being up late studying for that 8 AM final try putting just a little effort into your outfit. You will look good and I promise you will feel even better. So here are four outfits to get you through our four days of our own personal hell. 


To give yourself that extra boost you will need to get the week started, try something relaxed but cute. All week your go to pants will most likely be your leggings and that is not a bad thing, you can dress leggings up or down. (They are especially handy when you need to binge on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.) Try an oversized long sleeved t-shirt (possibly an Ambrose one from the bookstore) with a cute scarf and leggings. Pair that with matching boots and earrings and you will conquer Monday like a pro. 



If Tuesday are your bad days like mine, do not be scared my fellow Bees, your outfit for Tuesday is sure to help your mood. Again keeping with the theme of leggings or if you are really feeling good, try your favorite pair of jeggings. Throw on a knit sweater to match and you have yourself an outfit that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on that cute boy in your English class one last time. A pair of short boots will make the outfit complete. Bonus, you could even wear your hair in a bun!


Finals are half way over on Wednesday ladies and plus tonight is Dollar Bottle night at Rookies so you have even more of a reason to look cute. A super easy way to make sure your outfit is on point and comfy is almost so simple it hurts. All you need is a cute tank top and cardigan along with some leggings. It will help flatter all your features, but it is relaxed enough that you can curl up in a chair and take a nap before your next final. Boots again will look great with this but with the unseasonably warm weather we have been having here at Ambrose, you might be able to get away with flats. 



Today is the day Bees! We have reached the promise land! Last. Day. Of. Finals. For the few of us that get to go home on Thursday, I would recommend looking extra cute that day. That way when we arrive home and see our families it can look like we somewhat have our lives figured out. Do not worry you can still look cute while stressing over your very last final exam. Go for something easy too. Leggings and some form of a button up shirt are simple and effortless. Throw on a knit scarf with your favorite boots and earrings and you will look amazing.

 Hopefully, these tips will help out some in the following week and make sure you are dressed for success. Also, please don’t forget to take care of yourself mentally. Make sure to take study breaks, eat well, and shower. It will make all the difference. Bees we may be stressed and have too much coffee in our systems, but we will always be well dressed.

Good Luck Bees XOXO

All pictures from Pinterest

Hi, my name is MacKenzie, but all my friends call me Mac. I am a sophomore here at SAU where I play softball, President of BeeMedia, Events Editor for HerCampus SAU, a pro-Netflix watcher, and slowly trying to become Oliva Pope.  
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