Spring Break Vacation Essentials

Spring Break, the best time to get out of the cold and go somewhere warm and sunny. After the stressful finals week we all have, a great mini vacay is a perfect way to celebrate passing all your midterms. I know how eager it can be to go on your sunny vacation, so I have made a list of some Spring Break essentials to pack for your trip. You will want to pay close attention to these essentials if you plan on going somewhere beachy and warm for your vacation.

  1. 1. Swimsuits

    There are so many style's of swimsuits to bring along. A one-piece swimsuit is great beacause you only have to worry about the one piece and you can feel a little more secure in it while looking super cute. Bikini's are also nice because you can bring a couple of them with that you can mix and match. My go to bikini to bring is always white, black or red bottoms and either match or mix the top colors. I seem to always have endless combinitations with those colors so it doesn't look like I am wearing the same swimsuit everyday. Also, If you are looking for a great place to shop for swimsuits Target has an AMAZING selection. They are affordable and good quality too.

  2. 2. Swimsuit Cover Up

    I feel like we think so much about what swimsuit to bring that we forget to bring a swimsuit cover up for when it is time to eat or when you just want to feel a little more covered. I love swimsuit cover ups, they really make it look like my beach attire is more put together. Plus we all know when you are in a hurry and throw on your same jean shorts they get soaked and take forever to dry so it you just end up walking around with wet pants. Instead when you finally decide to leave the water and go in a near by restaurant for food you can easily throw on a cute lightweight cover up.

  3. 3. Beach Bag

    Woman Wearing Grey Skirt And Round Brown Rattan Crossbody

    A beach bag is very important to bring with because when you go to the beach this is where you can store all your goodies. You will want your towel, waterbottle, sunblock, swimsuit cover up, shoes etc. I even like to throw some snacks in here that I won't melt like a bag of dried fruit or some nuts incase I get hungry. There are so many cute styles too, for me personally I love a nice oversized beach bag because I can store more in here.

  4. 4. Sunglasses

    I love wearing sunglasses. They are a good way to put on accesories especially in sunny places. Not only do they make you look more stylish, but they also protect your eyes. Just make sure to get sunglasses that have 100% UV protection to filter both UVA and UVB rays. We spend a lot of time outdoors typically when we are on vacation and those harmful rays can age you fast, so remember to keep your eye area protected from them. 

  5. 5. Cute Sun Hat

    Woman at the beach with beach hat

    Another way to help protect your face from the harmful sun, is by wearing a cute hat! I love getting more oversized hats. They look cute with your swimsuit or with a dress. They help cover up any tangled up beach hair you might have going on also. 

  6. 6. Sunscreen

    I can not stress how important it is to take care of your skin. That is why it is super important you don't forget your sunscreen. To avoid being in pain and peeling on your trip make sure to wear your sunscreen every day and apply multiple times throughout the day. I have listed a few really great sunscreens down below!

    - Sun Bum Sunscreen

    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray

    Anthelios Lotion Spray Sunscreen

  7. 7. Aloe Vera Gel

    I mentioned sunblock to prevent sun burns, but sometimes some of us still get burnt on accident. It happens. That is why you will want some Aloe Vera Gel. There are many benefits with Aloe Vera gel. This will help relieve pain so fast and will help soothe down your burn. I like to put mine in the fridge so it is cold whenever I need to use it for extra sootheness.

  8. 8. Portable Charger

    two phones lying flat and plugged in

    I always bring a portable charger since I typically spend all day out and about. You really don't want your phone to die especially when you are out so you can keep in communication and most likely you use gps or might need to look up near by places with your phone. Especially being in an area you might not be 100% familiar with, it will be important to never let your phone die. That is why portable chargers come in handy. They are also so small you can just throw it in your bag and then throw your phone in your bag while it is charging.

  9. 9. Comfortable Shoes

    Sandals Sidewalk Flowers

    You will want to bring some comfortable shoes that are also versatile. I say bring some white sneakers, sandals, and a dressier shoe. Some white sneakers can easily go with many casual outfits, but they can also go well skirts and dresses. Cute sandals for when you are at the beach but also for when you throw your cover up on and want to look presentable to eat right after the beach. Finally a dressier shoe for when you want to feel a little more fancy. I love the platform sandals for a dressier option because they give you height and elongate your legs like heels would but they are still so comfortable to wear all day. I am linking down below a few examples of the style of shoes I have mentioned.

    - White Sneaker

    - Sandal

    - Dressy Shoe

  10. 10. Dress or Romper

    Always bring at least one dress or cute romper. They are easy to throw on and you can use this for a fancy dinner night. You might not be going every night but at least one dress or romper to really put yourself together for a more dressed up event.

  11. 11. Makeup

    blue open makeup bag with cosmetics inside

    Whenever I go somewhere warm, I always go for some more lightweight make up because it doesn't feel so bad when I am sweating outside. I also always need waterproof mascara so it can hold up with the heat. For the most part I love to go for more cream based make up because it is so easy to apply and only needs minimal effort to apply. I know cream might seem like it would make you oily but I usually lightly dust with a powder on top when I am done to help hold it into place. Plus with creams if it does come off like, highlighter, it is way easier to re apply on the go with your fingers. For the nights you want to go more glam you will want a good waterproof eyeliner and your favorite eyeshadow pallete you can quickly add some color on to your eyes and a nice cat eye. The more compact eye shadow palletes are more convienent since they won't take up so much space. Here is a list of my favorite makeup that I like to bring with, Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation, Glossier Cloud Paint, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Glossier Haloscope, Loreal Lash Paradise, Butter BronzerFenty Gloss Bomb, Kat Von D Ink Liner, and Loose Setting Powder.

  12. 12. Sea Salt Hair Spray

    Anna Schultz-Running To Beach Carefree Inspirational

    Typically my hair is so hard to manage after the beach, but spray some sea salt hair spray and it looks like you intended for your hair to be wavy in a messy cute way. Also, I just love spraying this to add some more waves while my hair air dries so I don't have to worry about taking the time to blow dry, straighten or curl my hair. My favorite spray to use is Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray.