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Spring Break Survival Kit 2017!

Its that time of the year again BEES! Spring Break is here and it is for sure needed. SAU Her Campus was treated to some awesome goodies this semester! Check out below the gifts that were in the Surivival Kits! 

Feel like skipping a step and not washing your hair? No problem! Spray some PSST! dry shampoo and you are ready to go! 

For the lady bees out there who want their lips to pop but not put in the effort, try CharlotteTilbury Hot Lips. It is one-step and super easy! 


Spring Break came so fast, going to the beach without a tan is the worst nightmare! Get your hands on L’OREAL tanning towlets, super easy and super natural looking! 

Dont be the smelly girl in class, or the itchy one :P Cystex is a great way to treat problems that are inconvenient at any time, especially on spring break. And while you’re at the store pick up some Juicy Couture! 

Get ready for next year by getting ahead and ordering your custom made planners! Erin Condren planners are literally the best and will keep you organized. For real they are crazy awesome, they come with whiteboards, motivational sayings and stickers! 


Have a great spring break and don’t forget to check back with SAU Her Campus after break for ideas on how to finish the year out strong! 


This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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