Spooky Movies You May Have Forgotten About 

Spooky Movies You May Have Unfortunately Forgotten About

If you love Halloween but aren’t into the gore, guts and goosebumps, here are some classic Halloween movies that are sometimes forgotten for this spooky season!



It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


This classic peanuts movie is a great fall favorite to watch if you're feeling particularly nostalgic. 



Watch this Disney favorite, and travel through the relm of Halloweentown with Marnie. 


Hocus Pocus


Watch this Halloween classic, for some good laughs. 

Nightmare Before Christmas


This classic Tim Burton film will get you excited for not only ONE but TWO great holidays. 




Watch this film that totally spooked you out as a kid, don't lie. 




What's better than a friendly ghost? Watch this movie to remind you why Casper is your favorite. 




Who you gonna call? Watch this movie to see the Ghostbusters defeat evil, and for the theme song to be stuck in your head for a whole three weeks. 



Another Disney classic, Twitches, watch these twin witches overcome evil in their life. 



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