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Slaying Midterms: 10 Unconventional Tips to Becoming a Self-Care Queen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Hey girls! Midterms are right around the corner, and it’s your time to pass those exams while keeping self-love at the forefront. Here are 10 totally fab and easy strategies, with their own unique flair, to help you slay your exams while maintaining your well-being.

1. Elevate Your Dorm’s Aura

  • Why it’s a must-try: Channel your inner spa queen and create a peaceful study sanctuary with aromatic delights.
  • How to do it: Use essential oils or trendy electric wax warmers to infuse your space with calming scents like lavender (the ultimate relaxation potion), sandalwood (for those Hollister-smelling study vibes), or rosemary (because you have the memory of a queen) to create a zen study atmosphere.

2. Organize Your Notes with a Pop of Color

  • Why it’s Pinterest worthy: Reduce stress through well-organized notes. Your notes deserve to be the star of the show – organized, aesthetic, and worthy of a pin. 
  • How to do it: Make your ideal, Pinterest-worthy, notes by using aesthetic color coding with stationary, highlighters, or digital note-taking tools that scream “OR-GAN-IZED!” Your notes should be a work of art to maintain clear and structured study materials, darling!

3. Confident Queen: Communicate Topics Like a Pro

  • Why it matters: Study like you’re getting eliminated off of RuPaul’s Drag Race, “EXPLAIN CONCEPTS FOR YOUR LIFE HUNTY!” Effective communication aids understanding while having the confidence of a drag queen.
  • How to do it: Picture yourself on that stage, confidently breaking down those challenging ideas like a pro. Your audience? You or the girls.

4. Mindful Memory Magic: Boost Recall

  • Why it’s iconic: Turn your memory into a fashion statement by connecting your studies to your favorite spot on campus. Visualization enhances memory retention.
  • How to do it: Associate your study material with your favorite hangout spot or iconic landmarks on campus to improve recall. By using this technique, memorizing becomes an adventure!

5. Refreshing Morning Routine: Wake up En Vogue

  • Why it’s glam: Start your day positively with a revitalizing morning routine rather than roll-out-of-bed.
  • How to do it: Begin your day with a cold shower or a refreshing splash of water to wake up your senses and enhance alertness. Get ready for that red carpet event! Whether you’re in your casual Adam Sandler era or more elevated and funky Harry Styles core.

6. Brain Boosting Snacks: Study Fuel with (Ric) Flair

  • Why it’s beneficial: Snack smart to boost cognitive function during study breaks.
  • What to munch: Opt for brain-friendly snacks like blueberries, nuts, and a square (or bar, because you deserve it) of dark chocolate to maintain mental clarity.

7. “Hey Siri, Play My ‘Study Vibes’ Playlist”: Set the Mood

  • Why it’s valuable: Transform your study sesh into your own personal convention and make sure to stay hydrated. (Tana Con, who?)
  • How to do it: Curate a trendy study playlist with your favorite songs, creating an ambiance to enhance your focus.

8. Breakfast Club Core: Seek Comfort in the Library

  • Why it’s effective: Libraries aren’t just for books, they also offer a peaceful retreat for intensive study. (or detention)
  • How to do it: Reserve a study room in your campus library to access a serene and distraction-free study space.

9. Enhance Confidence through Visualization

  • Why it’s empowering: Visualization reduces stress and enhances self-assurance.
  • How to do it: Picture yourself confidently owning those exams in a cute outdoor spot. Now, with your eyes closed, visualize yourself confidently strutting through campus like the star you truly are.

10. Mommy Needs Her Nap: Recharge with Power Naps

  • Why it’s restorative: Short naps are your secret to staying fresh, rejuvenating your energy, and focus.
  • How to do it: Set aside 20-30 minutes for a power nap during study breaks. Use an alarm to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to continue.

Girly remember, your well-being matters as much as your academic success. These strategies are designed to help you excel in your midterms while nurturing your self-care. You’ve got this! 

Kady S is a writer at HC @ SAU Beyond HC, Kady is involved with making time for family and friends. She is majoring in finance. In her free time, Kady enjoys spending time with family and friends, going on long car rides, and finding new boba cafes to try with friends. You can find her watching her favorite podcasts or listening to one of her many playlists. A fun fact about Kady is that if she could spend a day with any celebrity it would be Adam Sandler.