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Hello Bees! 

These are a few hair inspo: 

1.  “Straight Up” from Dry Bar 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Dry Bar in Davenport but you can achieve this hair style. It’s called the Straight Up from Dry Bar. It’s their signature blowout. Straight but with a little of body! You can straighten your hair and slowly bring in the ends, as if you were going to curl it. 


2.  Half up, half down. 

This is great for second or third day hair. Also, you can keep hair out of your face. You can keep your hair in braids over night, take them out for the next morning for beachy waves or you can curl and/or keep it straight. Put some hair up in the half up style with a braid. 


3. Pinned side braids 

Think of this as a crown hair style. Part your hair in the middle and pin both sides. By adding the braid, it makes it perfect for this season. It gives off boho vibes. 


4. Chopped, short hair 

Easy and breezy. Spring is all about starting new trends and cutting off the dead ends. People are wanting to chop off their long hair. It’s time to do something different and fun. 


5. Top knot bun 

This is no secret, top knot buns are one of the easiest hair styles to achieve. All you have to do is throw half your hair up in a bun. Messy hair, don’t care. The messier it is, the better it looks. This is an extremely cute hipster hair style. 



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