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Sam Peterlin, ‘13

If you have ever seen or heard any athletic broadcasts done at Ambrose over the past three years, chances are this week’s Campus Celebrity, Sam Peterlin, had something to do with it. The senior has been involved with radio broadcasts for basketball, football and baseball, as well as TV productions for both men and women’s basketball.

Sam is a TV/radio production and journalism major, and in this, he has definitely found a passion. Assisting with sports broadcasts has been one of his favorite activities at Ambrose.

“Whether it is radio or TV, it has been a ton of fun because I get one of the best seats in the house, as well as the best angles because we can see the replays, and we know the players fairly well.”

After graduation, Sam is planning to further his education at the University of Iowa. He will be working towards a master’s degree in film and television production. He knows, though, that he will miss Ambrose.

“I will miss doing broadcasts with everyone because it’s the only time when it will be a relaxed environment, just having some fun.”

Sam grew up in Chicago, where he attended St. Ignatius College Prep. During that time, he was very active in athletics as well. He bowled for 4 years and played baseball and golf for 2 years each. He also worked as a server on a cruise ship called Odyssey, which cruises in and out of Navy Pier in downtown Chicago.

At Ambrose, Sam has also participated in bowling. This year will be his fourth with the Fighting Bees bowling team. He also says that he has lived with the same roommate all four years here!

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