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Royal-T gone Casual

Tired of hearing about elections?


Me too. Let’s not talk about it.

Instead, let’s talk about the First Lady (Still not about elections); Specifically, her fashion choices.

Last weekend, Mrs. O came to the QC for one last democratic rally before Election Day. Her main mission may have been political, but let’s be real—all I (and almost every woman in the field house) could think about was her impeccable beauty. 

I kid you not, the lady is #Flawless by even Beyoncè’s standards.

Naturally, the next thing I took notice of was her outfit. The female face of our country wasn’t wearing a skirt set or a well-tailored pantsuit. Michelle Obama was wearing a baseball T.

A baseball T. What a woman.

Granted, it was probably the most expensive baseball T I’ve ever laid my eyes on. BUT STILL. SHE WAS WEARING A BASEBALL T.

Maybe it was a PR move or maybe it was a lazy Saturday morning; whatever it was, I loved it.

It’s nice to see a woman—one of the most powerful ones in the world—standing in the spotlight wearing something without couture detail or a plunging neckline. Michelle Obama is who she is, and she wore a baseball T in front of hundreds of people, reporters and cameras.

The next time you don’t feel like wearing a blazer, don’t (unless you seriously need to wear the blazer).

If Michelle “#Flawless” Obama can do it, so can you.


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