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Review: Garnier Back to School Beauty Boxes

SAU was selected to participate in the Her Campus x Garnier – Pulse 1 program. Our chapter received special packages and tons of samples to hand out on campus. Here’s a full review on the products included in our Back to School Beauty Boxes:  


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

We’ve heard back from a few people who have tried this before, they absolutely love it! It’s an easy way to rinse off dirt or any makeup residue on your face. For those who do have sensitive skin, the cleansing water is not harsh whatsoever. It can be used on face, lips and eyes. There’s no need for extra rinsing. This comes in handy for when you’re lazy on those late nights and you don’t feel the need to wash your face. Keep this beside you!  


Garnier Fructis Hair Treats 1 Minute Hair Masks

Fall season is hitting us hard and this is convenient for us to start prepping our hair during this chilly weather. It’s unbelievable what a hair mask can do within just 1 minute. This is not only a useful product for dry, weak, frizzy, or damaged hair, but it serves as the perfect girls night-in spa. Our chapter gave away many of these on campus. Several girls… and guys grabbed these samples.


Rose Mist Spray

What is special about rose water? The benefits of using this rose mist spray include: reduces skin redness, contains antioxidants, getting rid of acne, prevent and treats infections. This spray helps sooth the skin. Spray before applying makeup or anytime through out the day. This is a great product to throw in your everyday handbag, backpack or gym bag. It hydrates and refreshes your skin instantly. 




All photos courtesy of Annie Nguyen 

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