Plan the Perfect Friendsgiving

It’s that time of year where all we want to do is spend time with as much of our family and as many of our friends as possible! The actual day of Thanksgiving is pretty much set aside for our families, so it is a necessity to plan a day for your friend group(s) - Friendsgiving. The best part about this celebration is that it isn’t too hard to plan the perfect evening for everyone either on campus before you leave for break or back home with your high school friends. Here’s how to get started:


Host or Spread the Joy

You can totally go over the top and treat your friends by doing all the shopping, cooking and preparing and real be the MVP.


You can assign a dish to each friend and then maybe cook and prepare a little bit together to make it a team effort.

Whichever route you take, make sure you have mashed potatoes, ham or turkey, a casserole or two, vegetables, rolls, and dessert covered by someone! Which leads me to my next topic...Hungry Thanksgiving GIF

Get the Goods

This is so important it deserves its own category - Make sure someone is in charge of dessert! Without it, what are you going to do with yourselves?

The Perfect Fit & Photo Station

Once the food is covered, plan a cute outfit and maybe even a cute spot in the dorm, or house, to take pics!

Guest List

Plan out who to invite so everyone is included. This is way too fun of an occasion to leave anyone out :)

Set the scene

Pull up the Netflix fireplace and play a Thanksgiving/Christmas movie or some chill holiday background music. This is the perfect vibe to soak in the time and be thankful for your amazing friends!


If you and your friends can’t get together around Thanksgiving break, then do it later closer to Christmas and call it Friendsmasgiving (maybe even add a gift exchange/Secret Santa with it!) This is what my high school friends and I do every year - get you a friend that makes the best cheesy potatoes EVER!

From my friends to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


~ HCXO Alex

gif 1, gif 2, pic 3: Alex Axup, gif 4,  gif 5, pic 6: Alex Axup, pic 7: Alex Axup