Places in the QC to Get Outdoors This Spring

Sunderbruch Park

4675 Telegraph Rd, Davenport, IA 52804

This park has 134 acres of wooded areas with an impressive trail network of walking, biking and mountain biking trails. Since this park is very hilly, it is a great workout even just walking the main paved trail around the park, but the off-road trails are well-kept and are great for hiking or biking. There is plenty of parking and it has some pretty impressive views! 


Scott County Park

18850 270th St, Eldridge, IA 52748

The acreage at Scott Count Park is impressive with more than 1000 acres of park property. Scott County Park offers a great blend of hiking trails that are pretty easy and would be perfect for a nice casual hike on the weekend. The park also has a lot of open spaces that would be great for a picnic or just finding a nice place to sit and get some homework done outside.


Sunset Marina

10 31st Ave, Rock Island, IL 61201

Starting at the end of the Illinois side of the bike path, the marina has great views of the sunset, hence the name, and connects to the bike path that heads all of the way towards Moline. The marina also has several pavilions that are perfect for sitting and relaxing with some great views of the river. The marina is a personal favorite to bring some ice cream or a coffee and sit and enjoy a treat!


Hennepin Canal

The canal starts in Rock Island and goes on for 72 miles. There are many different places to hop on the canal along the route, which has great potential for a mini road trip to start on the canal at a different starting point. The paths follow the canal, which is why there are many different kinds of wildlife along the route and some lovely water lilies at the right time of the spring. Starting at a point on the canal would be a great day trip and there are many spots along the way to have a snack and enjoy the views. 


All of the River Bike Paths

There are miles of amazing bike paths along both side of the river that are perfect for a walk or there are many parks along the way to stop and relax for a bit. Now that the weather is turning around for the better, it is the perfect time to get our activity levels back up and start getting some fresh air into our systems. After being inside all winter and even more so with Covid, going for a walk along the river is a great way to enjoy the river views and do your body a little bit of good in the process. 


The Channel Cat

The Channel Cat is an amazing attraction that the QC has to offer with boat shuttles that can take you (and your bikes if you have them) to different locations along the river. There are several stops in Moline and Davenport. The stops can take you to different locations on the bike paths or can bring you to the East Village to grab some lunch. This is an amazing way to spend a day this spring enjoying the river and checking out some new spots in the QC. (Check the link for updates on schedules or boat schedules)