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Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy spring, Pinners!

It doesn’t feel like spring…so that means more pinning!

This week our pin boards have been hot.

We’ve had upwards of more than 40 pins on some of our picks this week.

Enjoy our picks of the week and keep on pinning!


I don’t know what your opinion of the new “OZ” movie is…but I like to stick with the classics. Here’s a fun look at the Red Brick Road…did you ever think about where IT goes?



Since you can’t have a furry friend in your dorm room…there is no harm in looking! Here is a cute little kitty that we just can’t get enough of!



Now this is an excuse if anyone ever asks why your room is messy again. We’ve got you covered. Read the pin to find your new favorite answer.



So we’ve all probably taken pictues with an iPad. Feel funny? Well we think you look funny taking them. It’s all in the name of good, clean fun.



Some days it is the little things in life…like matching your underwear to your outfit.



The good, old days. Welcome to back to your life in the 90s. Some of these are funny…but most of them are the brutal, honest truth. Enjoy re-living your favorite memories!



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