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Out With The Old, In With The New

Do you ever take a look at your closet and think “I have nothing cute to wear”? It’s like you have all the clothes in the world, but nothing seems to fit that “trendy” look you’re going for? Well, no worries hun, here are some ways to take your old clothes and turn them into a CUTE, FUN, and TRENDY wardrobe! You know what they say, “Out with the old, in with the new!” Except, you’re literally taking the old and making something new out of them! Sounds awesome right?! And what a perfect time to work on some crafty projects when you’re in quarantine and wondering what the heck you should do with your life! Now let’s get trending girl!


Alert! New Tik Tok Trend: Bleach Tie-Dye 

We have all seen this trend on Tik Tok! The bleach tie-dye jumpsuits are totally in! All you need is a pair of dark-colored sweatpants and a sweatshirt. If you want to use a crewneck or old T-shirt that works great too! Just take any style of dark clothing you want from your closet and let’s get to bleaching! 

  1. First, you’ll need to lightly wet your piece of clothing with water! The best Tik Tokers say this will make the pattern more vibrant! 

  2. Next, you will make any sort of pattern you want with rubber bands! You’ll want to Google search some fun patterns based on the type of clothing you chose. 

  3. Then, you will create a mixture of ½ of bleach and ½ of water and pour it into a spray bottle.

  4. Apply the mixture to the fabric of your garment.

  5. Then, let the bleach sit on the fabric for about 8-10 minutes.

  6. Wash the clothing in the washer on a cold setting.

  7. Let it hang dry and now you have a cute new piece to wear! 


Drop It Like Its Crop! 

The easiest and cutest way to make a trendy shirt is by cropping it! But sometimes cropping a shirt can be a bit nerve-wracking. Here are some tips on how to make the perfect cropped tie shirt from any old shirt!  

  1. Take an old shirt from your closet! If you’re wanting to make a cropped tank top you will want to cut off the sleeves and neckline. To do that, you will cut right on the outside of the neckline. For the sleeves, you will cut right on the inner part of the sleeve seams. 

  2. To crop the shirt, you will want to measure out a good length where you feel it won’t be too short or too long. It might help to measure the length of your torso first and then decide how much cloth you would like to cut based on your measurements.

  3. Once you figure that out, lay your shirt on the front side so that the back is facing up. Make a mark on both sides of your shirt that are parallel from one another. Cut straight across, but only cut the backcloth of your shirt, NOT the front. 

  4. Turn the shirt around, and cut off the front hem of your shirt. Then with the front cloth, cut straight up from the middle of your shirt, right to where the back of your shirt was cut prior to this. 

  5. From the bottom of your middle cut, make diagonal cuts on both sides that will meet the back portion of the T-shirt. 

  6. Then all you should have left to do is to tie a knot with the two triangle flaps you made! And now you’re ready to rock your new cropped shirt!


Denim is back… But Half-Bleached! 

Okay, this trend is TOO cute! Denim is back and better than ever! But there’s a twist… half-bleached denim! Take some old shorts or jeans and get ready to fall in love with this style because the finished project looks AMAZING! 

  1. Pick a pair of old denim shorts or pants. Grab some tape (Scotch shipping tape or painters tape works great) and start taping down the middle part of the shorts, where the zipper flap is. Also, tape the backside of your shorts by going down the middle seam of the same side you had taped on the front. This will divide your shorts into two separate parts. 

  2. If you would like to protect the side that will not be bleached you can wrap a plastic bag around them and tape it down to the middle seam as well. 

  3. Next, take some bleaching gel and apply it in a zigzag motion only to the half you would like to bleach. Apply a fair amount. 

  4. Then take a sponge or scrubbing brush and start scrubbing the bleach into the shorts. Make sure you cover every area of the material. 

  5. Then let them sit outside, you could use cardboard to lay them down on, and wait a few hours.

  6. Once they are dry, remove tape and plastic back and wash only the bleach side in some warm water. 

  7. Then you can finally put them in the washer on a cold setting. Air dry them when they’re out of the washer. Now you have some stylish new denim!




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