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Nikki Boland, ’12

“You’re listening to Nikki til noon.” 
Perhaps you have been listening to the radio and heard the sweet-sounding voice of a female.  Odds are it might be this week’s campus celebrity, Nikki Boland.
A Senior at St. Ambrose majoring in radio/tv broadcasting, Boland is a native of Lake Zurich, Ill.

On campus, you can find this friendly face working for the Sodexo food service at the Rogalski food court.  She’ll make food to quench your hunger. Outside of school, Boland works for B100 Cumulus broadcasting.  This job entitles her to answer phones, talk on air and attend promotional events to get people involved to win free prizes.  She wanted to go into the communication field because she enjoys creating messages through media for others to enjoy.
She is involved with the SAU women's soccer team and KALA radio. She’s working on her internship and has her “Nikki til noon” radio show on KALA Saturday's 10 a.m. to  noon.  Tune in and listen to her selection of music!
After graduation, she plans to move back home to the suburbs of Chicago and establish a career in radio or tv, or both!  And maybe if she’s lucky someday, she’ll be found working for The Score sports radio in Chicago.  If you know her, can’t you hear her voice saying, “You’re listening to The Score”?  I know I can!
Her favorite part of Ambrose is the community of teachers, other staff and students. “There is always a positive vibe when I step on campus,” Boland said.  ”The history of Ambrose and the tradition is also my favorite.  My mom and dad went to Ambrose and so did my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle actually got married right here at Christ the King Chapel, so I really feel at home here.”
Her favorite memory would be playing soccer for Ambrose and being a member of a team that went to nationals in 2008 and 2011.  This is something no other Ambrose women’s soccer team has done.
Advice she would like to give underclassmen is to get involved as much as possible.  There are so many great opportunities that can present themselves. Try getting your hands a little dirty, and good things can happen.

A lover, dreamer and overachiver. 
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