New stores in Davenport


H&M is opening their first Iowa store, it will be located in NorthPark Mall (towards Dillard's and next to L.A. Nails). Sadly, Charlotte Russe is leaving. On the bright side, H&M is coming in. H&M is one of the world's largest fashion retailers.


Dry Goods 

Von Maur's Dry Goods is also coming into NorthPark. Get ready to bring out your wallet. You'll leave with a sad bank account but you'll be more fashionable than ever. 



HomeGoods is being located at the Elmore Marketplace. It'll be HomeGoods' first Quad-city location. HomeGoods has the best and cutest home decor and furniture for an afforadable price. It's a huge sister store of TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Those of you just moving into college, you can shop for dorm decor. If you're looking to redecorate your room and space, this is the perfect store to stop by. 



Everyone loves to buy in bulk and get great deals from Sam's Club. Well.... now there's competition. Costco will be located in northeast Davenport, north of the intersection of Fairhaven Road and East 53rd Street.


Pet Supplies Plus 

We can't forget about pet lovers. Pet Supplies Plus provides natural and U.S. made supplies. There are grooming services and adoption. This store is located on W. Kimberly Rd. 


Pancheros Mexican Grill 

Pancheros opened their second Davenport location. Tons of people were lined up for dollar burritos, to promote their grand opening. It's a great location for people living near the west end of Davenport and it's more convenient for SAU students! 


Five Guys 

Rumors have spread rapidly about Five Guys coming to Davenport. Unfortunately, they had a false "coming soon" sign posted on a window of the former Wendy's restaurant near West Kimberly Walmart. Don't give your hopes up, Five Guys Senior Communications Manager Lauren Lewis stated that Five Guys is looking for a new location in the area. Cross your fingers it will be close by. 




Photos: H&M, Dry Goods, HomeGoods, Costco, Pancheros, Pet Supplies Plus, Five Guys