My Pick for the Next Bachelorette

The two-night season finale of Colton's journey to find love is airing next Monday and Tuesday, but after this weeks episodes I am left questioning what's going to happen. If you haven't watched this weeks episode which aired on Monday (& Women Tell all on Tuesday) beware there are some spoilers ahead! On Monday's episode Colton confessed his love to Cassie; however, Cassie was a little more confused with her feelings. After her Dad came to Portugal, she planned on sending herself home. She wasn't sure if she could get to where Colton is at. The trailers for next week make it look like Colton will be sending home both Hannah G and Tayshia to go after Cassie. I have been a big Cassie fan from night 1, and I still am, but throughout the season Tayshia has become another one of my favorites. With that being said, my pick for the next Bachelorette is, drum roll please, Tayshia Adams. That is of course based on the assumption that Colton goes after Cassie like the preview for next week episodes made it seem, but abc likes to be tricky, so it's still pretty unknown. 

Why did I make this choice? 

Well, if you've watched this season of the Bachelor, you know how fun and adventurous Tayshia is. I think she's conquered her fear of heights by now, especially after bungee jumping off a building, going skydiving on her hometown date, and taking a helicopter ride with Colton in Portugal. I imagine this trend will continue if Tayshia is chosen as the Bachelorette. I couldn't even imagine the amount of crazy adventurous dates she would choose.

The single best part of this season involved Tayshia driving Colton, who was blindfolded at the time, to the skydiving place. Right after stating her good driving skills, the road got a little bumpy! And, I think you just need to watch the result . . . 

 It wasn't too hard to recognize that Tayshia is so down-to-earth, caring, and open to love. Colton trusted her and came to her throughout the season about his concerns with other women. This shows how comfortable he was with her, and how much he trusted her. Most of all, bachelor nation fell in love with Tayshia and her family. Bachelor nation blew up twitter with all their tweets supporting the appearance of Tayshia's father. As this season of the bachelor comes to a close, I'll be watching and waiting for the premiere of the next season of the bachelorette in hopes that Tayshia will be waiting for the limos to arrive (and not trying to pull them as a contestant). Let's hope that at the end of this season if Tayshia isn't the one for Colton, she can pick herself up and brush off the dirt to become the bachelorette.

Image Credits: OMG, Colton Blindfolded, and Limo.