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Working out was never my forte, until my stepfather guided me through a process to find what I enjoy doing. Since then, I make an effort to work out as much as possible. Here is the sequence I follow for each workout session

  1. Yoga flow: I mainly do this so I am able to stretch out my tight muscles. I usually find 10 minute stretches are the best thing to; it is not too little or too much.

I transition to weights since I lost muscle when I was very ill.

  1. Bicep Curls (10 on each arm)
  2. I then take one dumbbell and hold onto it to the back and do ten repetitions of lifting up the weight up behind me
  3. I then take that one dumbbell and place it in the front and I do ten squats
  4. I go to grab the two dumbbells and lift them up over my head, touching them together. I do this about ten times.
  5. I then take the two dumbbells and then have them parallel at my sides. I swing them up in front of me about 20 times (10 for each arm)
  6. I put away the dumbbells and grab my medicine ball and sit on the ground. I do about 20 Russian twists.
  7. I then proceed to do 80 crunches but in various forms
    1. I start with Yoga bicycle crunches 
    2. Proceed to Yoga eagle crunches 
    3. I then lift my legs up so they are in the air and begin to crunch once again
    4. I then end my session with going into Downward Dog, lifting my leg in the air, and touching it to my nose. I do each side 10 times.

And there you have it, grab some water and pat yourself on the back!!

Major: Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education I am a plant mom to two beautiful plants! I love: Reading, learning about true crime, binge watching TV shoes or horror movies, yoga, and watching Bob Ross painting videos!
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