My Favorites of Italy

I recently had my "spring break," or Semana Santa, which is a 10 day break that mixes Easter break and spring break all in one. So, during that time I decided to travel to Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. Here are my favorites of Italy:

1. The Food 

Although pizza, pasta and gelato are delicious, and the most easy to find, I made it my mission to attempt to not eat just those the whole trip, and find different things. It was tough since those are the most advertised foods for the tourists, I did find a savory donut appetizer that was filled with papa al pomodoro which is a italian tomato soup. But the pizza in Italy is like no pizza I've ever had before. 

2. The Culture 

Everywhere I went there was an insane amount of culture. But, I think the statue of David by Michaelangelo was my favorite by far. It was unreal. The statue looked as if David was going to start walking. The amount of detail there is in this statue was crazy, veins shown in his arm, leg and feet!  ​

3. The Weather 

It was really rare that it was a bad day while I was in Italy. I was so grateful to travel there with it being in the high 60's and sunny. It was a nice break from the rainy weather in Spain. 

4. Wine 

The best wine I ever had was in Italy. Wine is such a big thing in Italy, but it's so relaxing in general. People will have lunch and dinner with a glass of wine all the time. Depending on where you go and what type of wine you get, it can get pretty pricey. It will always be delicious. 

5. Coffee 

Coffee is a huge part of the culture in Italy. It was very interesting to see the cultural differences of coffee shops between Spain and Italy. In Spain, people could easily spend two hours or more in a coffee shop just talking and relaxing. On the other hand, In Italy the locals get a shot of espresso, take it and go.