The Musts of Magnolia

The Silos

These are the iconic landmarks to lead you straight to all the wonderful sites that are to come. Once you spot these on the horizon, you’ll know you’re close because they are home to the bakery, market, food trucks, garden and courtyard!


The Bakery

You can’t start your Magnolia experience on an empty stomach, so you have a couple options. Your first one is to start at The Silos Bakery, next to the market, and get a few pastries to kick off the day! My advice to you: get there at 7:15 am in order to be first in line when they open at 7:30, otherwise you’ll be in line all the way down the street later in the day. Also, my personal favorite that I highly recommend is their chocolate croissant - it is absolutely to die for and I could eat 5 of them at a time if my dad would let me!


The Restaurant

When going to The Magnolia Table, be prepared to wait in line no matter what time you go because they are always a magnet for tourism. They open at 6 am and even when my family and I got there at 5:45 (thinking no one would actually get up this early for some touristy breakfast) we still had to wait 15-20 minutes. This compared to an hour is a piece of cake, nevertheless, this is currently the most popular destination because it is one of the newest.


The Market

This place is loaded with all sorts of amazing decor and great gift ideas! Whatever day you decide to go to the market, this is another one you want to be 15-30 minutes early for. They open at 9 am, but the line will be across the courtyard before you know it. You can buy anything from $7 to $$... I stick on the lower end. I was able to get a really cute bracelet for $12, a candle for $28 and ornaments for around $10. My family loved getting the ornaments as gifts last year because these specifically are handcrafted in Waco and makes them extra special and authentic to the store. They are also planning a new expansion for 2020 that will extend the grounds and add more excitement to come visit!


The Coffee Shop

The Magnolia Press Coffee Co. is located conveniently down the street from the Silos and Market. This quaint little coffee shop has a vintage library vibe perfect for enjoying coffee and company. I took the liberty upon myself to try a few items off the menu to share with y’all. We got the chocolate cake, coffee cake and hot chocolate (sorry I don’t drink coffee). All were absolutely scrumptious and did not disappoint! This is the perfect stop to start your morning or enjoy a little elevensies after shopping at the market.


The Photo Ops

There are so many great photos and memories to be captured during your time spent at Magnolia. No matter who you are with, there’s a moment for them to enjoy. 

For my sister: It’s the vintage car outside the silos

For my dad: It’s him enjoying a silo cookie from the bakery


For my grandma: It’s a group shot with her grand babies


For my grandpa: It’s a nice family photo


For me: It’s the mural outside the silos across the train tracks



All pictures provided by: Alex Axup