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Mollie McNitt, ’13

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

As many collegiettes probably know, Her Campus SAU has its very first official club event coming up on Thursday – Christmas Zumba! To help everyone get excited, we are very happy to introduce the instructor for the party, Ambrose’s very own Mollie McNitt.

Mollie is from Morrison, Ill. and is a senior double majoring in nursing and French. She previously attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a year and Bennington College in Vermont before she decided that she wanted to be closer to home and found her place at St. Ambrose.

Health and fitness is very important to Mollie, and dancing has become her exercise of choice. In fact, she has participated in various types of dance since the age of three. These dances include ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, poms, tap, and clogging.

Now, she has found her niche in the new dance trend: Zumba. This is a dance workout that blends upbeat, Latin rhythms and calorie burning.

Mollie was first introduced to Zumba two years ago when she participated in a group class at the YMCA. A couple of months later, she was a certified Zumba instructor.

Her passion for fitness drives her love for Zumba. “I enjoy getting a whole body workout without really realizing it. I also enjoy being able to inspire others to participate in better health habits.”

However, she recognizes that it can be difficult for beginners. Zumba is something completely new and different. Most of the moves are based on Latin dance, which can make participants feel uncomfortable or unsure of themselves.

The key, Mollie says, is to not let yourself get caught up in the frustration.

“The point is to have fun and just move.”

Since she has become a certified Zumba instructor, Mollie has found even more to love about the dance.

“It is great to have a participant thank me for helping them become more fit. I also enjoy the energy the participants often bring to the class. It’s an environment where you cannot help but enjoy yourself, and I think people often leave much happier than they were when they arrived.”

Sounds perfect for the Thursday before finals, doesn’t it?

Mollie is very excited to team up with Her Campus SAU for the upcoming Christmas Zumba party. She is hoping for a big turnout because teaching large classes is something she loves. To help her out and provide a variety of different Zumba styles for collegiettes, Mollie has also invited some guest instructors to help her out.

“Come on Thursday and bring your friends! It will be REALLY fun!”

As a reminder, the Her Campus SAU Christmas Zumba party will be taking place this Thursday, December 6 at 5:00 PM in the Rogalski ballroom. Dress in a Christmas theme or colors to be entered into a raffle for treats!

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