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Mark Serio, ’12

Name: Mark J. Serio

Relationship status: Single

Age: 22

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Bridgeview, Illinois

Job: Work around the ovens at my family's restaurant, and whatever my dad wants me to do.

Career goals: I'd like to run an investment portfolio or work as some kind of stock trader.  But for me to be successful, it would be having a good family and friends.

Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

Favorite holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

Dream vacation destination: An all inclusive cruise

Favorite food: My mom's spaghetti.

Perfect first date: A good movie on a comfy couch, under warm blankets, with maybe some ice cream

Traits looked for in a girl: A girl who’s athletic and smart with some confidence.

Blonde or brunette: If I was forced to choose I’d have to say brunettes.

The sexiest thing a girl can wear:
It’s not what the girl wears , but it’s how she wears it.  But if it’s too baggy, then yeah, it’s not too sexy.

First trait noticed in a girl: Her eyes.

Do you like when the girl makes the first move? 
I love it when the girl makes the first move; it takes the guess work out of my position.

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