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Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year. It is commonly celebrated in all parts of Asia. These are some things you should know about Lunar New Years: 


Year of the dog: 

This year, is the year of the dog. For those of you who are in the year of the dog, you must go with the flow in life. Say YES to everything, don’t doubt yourself and go with your true gut feeling. Want to know your sign? Click here. 


Red envelopes: 

Red envelopes are given as a gift by elders to those who are younger. These are given as a symbol of warding off evil spirits. The color red is represented as good luck. Money is placed inside the envelopes to bring more happiness and blessings to who receives it. 


Mandarin oranges: 

Oranges are a huge traditional favorite. It represents good luck and happiness as well. When exchanged, it means “good things come in pairs.” 



Family members will gather for dinner. Dinner on the eve is the most important meal of this year. Families will have dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant. Family members will also stay up late to see the new year. 



Lighting firecrackers is a popular custom. The firecrackers scare the evil spirits away. It’s a great and fun way to celebrate the new year! Many festivals will have fireworks, flying lanterns and more. 



Decorations will consist of the color red and other bright colors. The decorations include banners, lanterns and lots of blooming flower



Few superstitions are: 

1. You shouldn’t cry, frown, feel sadness or anger during this special day. It’s important that younger children are happy and smiling into the new year. Parents are extremely nice to keep fortune going. 

2. Sweeping and cleaning is not allowed. Sweeping means your wealth is swept away. Taking out the garbage means dumping good luck. Families will take out the trash and clean before this day. 

3. Clear debts off before the new year and no lending money because this leads to debt. 

4. No hospital or doctor visits because this leads to illness. 




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