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Love Your Body!

The St. Ambrose chapter of Triota, the National Women’s Studies Honor Society, hosted a week of body outlining in which collegiettes™ were invited to create paper rendition of their bodies and write down what they loved about themselves. 

Daniella smiles as she draws one of her favorite features: her long eyelashes. 

Julia takes her time drawing out the waves in her most prized physical attribute: her hair. 


This collegiette™ fills up the paper with everything she loves about her body! 


Bernadette proudly displays her body outline.


Brandi stands nonchalantly next to her body outline which embodies her favorite physical attribute: her non-normative gender presentation. 

And this particular collegiette™ loves so much about her body that she summed it all up proudly at the top of her outline: “I <3 Everything!”

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