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Laura Moorman


With Dance Marathon 3 happening THIS SATURDAY, March 28, this week’s campus celebrity is someone who DM3 could not function without, Finance Director Laura Moorman.

As an Exercise Science and Human Performance and Fitness major, you could say that Laura likes running. She completed her first half marathon this fall, running Mircale Miles for Dance Marathon and is also the Running Club President and Kinesiology Club VP. 

But if anyone knows Laura, you’ll know that her only other passion in life is counting money for Dance Marathon. While this may be a tad exagerated, her love for Dance Marathon and the kiddos is not! 

“I DANCE for more laughs, more birthdays, and more miracles…so children and families can experience happiness even during their hardest struggles,” Laura says.

As the Finance Director for DM, Laura oversees Donor Drive and works closely with the Fundraising Director and the Morale Director. She also manages the SAU DM budget and tracks both online and offline donations, AKA Laura is THE ONLY ONE who has an idea of how close SAUDM is to their fundraising goal this year. 

“Being on the Exec Board is incredible, and I’m so blessed to work with such a great group of people,” Laura says. “I have loved working on a team where everybody is so dedicated to making a difference through Dance Marathon.”

Laura’s passion for helping others doesn’t stop with Dance Marathon. This fall she will continue her passion and start St. Ambrose’s Physical Therapy program to follow her dreams of becoming a physical therapist in orthopaedics. For all you non science nerds, she will be helping athletes after sports injuries and working with patients post-surgeries!

“I want to make a difference in the lives of my patients and help them get back to what they love to do!” Laura says.

Join Laura and the rest of SAU Dance Marathon this Saturday to change lives and dance for 12 hours for the kids!

“There really are no words to describe what DM is and how much it means to me,” Laura says. “From the feeling of being surrounded by 600 other dancers and seeing our fundraising total revealed to hearing all the families tell their story at the Big Event, Dance Marathon is life changing.”

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