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Last Blast: Good Idea?

                As it is only my second year here at St. Ambrose, I am still finding myself experiencing new things. Last year, any event that was on campus was always a fun and exciting new thing I got to participate in. Homecoming, Men’s volleyball games, meeting new people, and Last Blast were just a few of the things that made my first-year experience worth-while.

                As Spring time has rolled around, and finals or graduation is nearing in people’s future, there is one common thing everyone cannot wait any longer for: Last Blast. To most students, this weekend entails celebration of the past year. Normally this celebration is done through the consumption of alcohol. To faculty and staff, it’s a weekend of concern to their students. There are ways that students can participate in this fun-filled weekend without getting out of control, and enjoying the weekend with friends.

                The weekend itself is one of the craziest weekends at St. Ambrose. As this week is coming to an end, Last Blast is on everyone’s minds. Some think that this weekend isn’t the best idea for students. I think that as students we work hard to achieve our goals in the classroom, and we should reward ourselves with a celebration from the hard work given throughout the year. Now, I am not saying that just because as students we work hard, then we should consume alcohol. It is important that we celebrate our hard-work with the friends that we have gained throughout the year, participate in campus-wide events and enjoy the weekend with the whole student body.  To all the students, this weekend is supposed to represent a celebration of friends and the school coming to a close. Enjoy the weekend to the fullest, and don’t forget to be safe and have fun! 

Hi readers! My name is Mary Blesz! I am a sophomore at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I am double majoring in Marketing and Management, with minors in Public Relations and Organizational Leadership! I am involved with Residence Life on campus, and also cannot wait to help with St. Ambrose's Dance Marathon! Helping out the kids is such a fulfilling thing I have done in the past and can't wait to see where this goes! FTK (For the Kids!)When I am not busy with the mountian full of homework I always have, I will normally be seen with all my friends! My friends are great group of people that I have met here at Ambrose! College has opened my eyes to so many new people! It is kind of interesting to me to meet people from all over; like Chicago (lots of my friends are from the area) and even people who loved in the same hometown!!!I have a huge "passion for fashion." I love to see what is most popular, and incorporate the latest trends within my own style. My style has a mixture of what my mood of the day is! One day I can pull out the high-waisted shorts and the crop top and flaunt my ombre hair, and then another day, wear the classic peplum top, with my hair pulled into a fashionable bun! I love reading about the latest trends and expressing it through my own personal style! I hope you enjoy what I can share with you through my own experiences and stories! Enjoy!!!!
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