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With the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to vamp-up your Thanksgiving and Christmas glam. One way you can do this is to add fake lashes! Ardell Lashes are affordable, adorable and sure to make your vanity this holiday season. 


For the Light Glam: Ardell Naturals 110

For any beginners using false lashes, this is a perfect place to start! Fake lashes may take some getting used to, so small is always a safe place to start. These are also perfect for daytime wear without being too noticeable or flashy. 


For the Medium Glam: Ardell Demi Wispies

This is a great middle ground to fake lashes. These lashes are not as large as some of dramatic others but give your eye some dimension with a fanned style. 


For the Heavy Glam: Ardell Wispies

These lashes are my absolute favorite. Without a doubt they do not fail and will grab some attention! For any false-lash wearers, I always say these are like the intense love affair you keep returning to. 


For the Super Glam: Ardell Wispies 113 

For any makeup fanatics out there, these lashes will surely make your look. These lashes are long, voluminous and create an even bigger effect once mascara is applied. If you want dramatic, these are your lashes!


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